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Served Industries




The construction industry is a sector of the economy that transforms various resources into constructed physical economic and social infrastructure necessary for socio-economic development. It embraces the process by which the said physical infrastructure are planned, designed, procured, constructed or produced, altered, repaired, maintained, and demolished. The constructed infrastructure includes:





General Contracting and Construction

  • Prefabricated buildings,
  • Warehouses
  • Commissary
  • Training centers and workshops
  • Chiller buildings
  • Housing
  • Mosques and administrative buildings
  • Offices
Integrated Facilities Management
  • Building management systems
  • Energy generation and distribution
  • Civil works services
  • Solid and liquid waste management
  • Housekeeping and janitorial services
  • Parking management
  • Contracts management
  • MEP systems


Transport systems
  • Airports,
  • Harbors
  • Highways,
  • Subways,
  • Bridges,
  • Railroads,
  • Transit systems,
  • Pipelines
  • Transmission and power lines.
Environmental and Waste Management
  • Operations and maintenance of land treatment units
  • Operations and maintenance of inert waste facilities
  • Waste collection services
  • Operations and maintenance of chemical waste temporary storage facilities
  • Operations and maintenance of domestic waste facilities