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Smart Smoke & Water Leak Detector Sensor


WIFI Smoke & CO Sensor

smart carbon monoxide and smoke combo detector, adopting microprocessor control. The electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor is stable and reliable with low current consumption and small sensitivity drift. Mainly well used in the place of carbon monoxide gas leakage and fire place, well guarantee personal safety

Water Leak Detector Sensor

Send you notification when the detector probe detects water, it will immediately alarm and send the notification to APP , applicable to various places and different needs


Discover Labenat Al Bena'a Contracting Co., the leading supplier of Water Leak Detector Sensor in Saudi. Our expertise is in cutting-edge sensors that guarantee prompt identification and stoppage of water leaks. Our state-of-the-art technology provides real-time monitoring and fast alerts for any possible problems.


We at Labenat Al Bena'a recognise the value of safeguarding your possessions and averting water damage. Our sensors can identify even the slightest leaks because of their exceptional sensitivity and accuracy. Our cutting-edge detection technologies help you reduce hazards and save money on expensive repairs.


We take great satisfaction in offering complete solutions that are customised to match each client's specific demands. Trustworthy water leak detection systems from Labenat Al Bena'a provide peace of mind for any kind of application, whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial. Your property is protected because of our dedication to quality and innovation.


You may rely on Labenat Al Bena'a Contracting Co. to supply you with state-of-the-art Water Leak Detector Sensor technology that surpasses benchmarks in the field.