Labenat Al Benna Co.


Supply and Installation of Steel Metal Doors


Design: Labenat Al Bena’a Contracting Co. offers a range of steel metal door designs tailored to project requirements and building codes. Design considerations include:

  • Selecting steel grades, finishes, and configurations based on door function, security needs, and aesthetic preferences.

  • Incorporating fire-rated features, sound insulation, and weatherproofing elements to enhance door performance.

  • Utilizing CAD software, BIM modeling, and structural analysis for accurate design visualization and technical specifications.

Supply: The company procures high-quality steel metal door components from certified manufacturers, ensuring durability, corrosion resistance, and compliance with standards. Supply processes involve:

  • Conducting material tests, quality inspections, and factory certifications to validate product specifications and performance ratings.

  • Coordinating logistics, shipping, and warehousing to manage inventory and deliver door components on schedule.

Installation: Labenat Al Bena’a Contracting Co. deploys skilled craftsmen and technicians for precise steel metal door installations. Installation procedures include:

  • Preparing door openings, framing, and anchoring points to accommodate steel door dimensions and hardware requirements.

  • Mounting hinges, handles, locks, and seals according to manufacturer guidelines and architectural drawings.

  • Conducting fitment tests, alignment adjustments, and door swing checks to ensure smooth operation and alignment.

Commissioning: After installation, the company conducts commissioning activities to verify steel metal door functionality and compliance. Commissioning processes include:

  • Testing door swing, latch mechanisms, and security features for proper operation and user safety.

  • Conducting fire door tests, sound transmission tests, and weather resistance assessments to validate performance ratings.


  • Providing clients with operation manuals, warranty information, and maintenance schedules for ongoing door care and management.

  • Conclusion: Labenat Al Bena’a Contracting Co. demonstrates expertise in architectural works, delivering high-quality solutions for roll-up shutter doors and steel metal doors. By following engineering standards, adhering to building codes, and employing skilled professionals, the company ensures reliable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing architectural installations that meet client expectations and project requirements.


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