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Supply and Installation of Underground Water Tanks


Underground water tanks play a vital role in storing and supplying water for various purposes in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Labenat Al Bena’a specializes in the supply and installation of underground water tanks, employing advanced techniques and best practices for efficient and reliable storage solutions. The company's engineers conduct detailed site assessments and hydraulic calculations to determine optimal tank sizes, depths, and locations based on water demand and usage patterns.

Procurement of underground water tank materials involves selecting high-quality materials resistant to soil conditions, groundwater pressure, and external factors. Labenat Al Bena’a collaborates with reputable suppliers to source durable tank components, including reinforced concrete structures, waterproofing membranes, and access fittings. During installation, the company follows precise procedures for excavation, tank placement, backfilling, and connection to water distribution systems.

Commissioning of underground water tanks includes leak testing, pressure checks, and water quality analyses to ensure system integrity and compliance with health and safety standards. Labenat Al Bena’a conducts thorough inspections and operational tests to verify proper functionality, including overflow prevention, drainage management, and emergency shut-off mechanisms. By adhering to American and Saudi building codes, the company guarantees that underground water tank installations meet regulatory requirements and deliver reliable water storage solutions.


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